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KinderCity Experience – Vista Mall Daang Hari

If you have kids, especially toddlers, you probably have experienced taking them to indoor playgrounds already. We all know that playgrounds are heaven on earth for children and as parents, we love seeing our toddlers happy even if it means you have to chase them around and you’re the only one getting tired, relate!!?

When my daughter started walking, we strive to go out every weekend to find an activity for her. Most of these activities include taking her to indoor or outdoor playgrounds. I got excited when i heard there’s a newly opened indoor playground called KinderCity near our place. After that, me and my husband immediately knew what to do and where to go for the weekend and i know my toddler is gonna love it!

The newly opened KinderCity is located at the 2nd floor of Vista Mall, Daang Hari. Please see the map below.

When we got there, i was awed by their storefront and entrance area! While we were still approaching the place, my daughter already noticed it from afar because it’s so colorful and nicely built. If you’re just a passerby with a kid, there’s a high chance your kid(and maybe you too) will get lured into this place with it’s very big and colorful entrance!

On their entrance area, there’s a post there that indicates their rates so you’ll know right away before going in. Their P300 fee for one hour already includes a free accompanying adult. They’re more expensive than Kidzoona in Festival Alabang that has P250 for one hour + 1 accompanying adult. But i think this P300 free is already okay, considering the place is so big and and has so many different play areas, plus plus plus it has freaking trampoline area inside!! I’ll write more details and pics about the trampoline later on!

Before going inside, you need to sign a waiver. Once we finished writing the our details, i signed the waiver and gave it to the receptionist so they can encode the data to their monitoring system. We paid the P300 fee for 1 hour and the receptionist took a photo of us before going inside. Just like any other playground establishments, it’s required to wear socks all the time while inside the  play area. If you don’t have socks, you can just buy from the receptionist. I forgot to ask how much because we already have our own socks(we were wearing shoes), but in my experience with other playground establishments, it usually costs P50 to P100 per pair and the quality is not so good lol. So i would just advice to bring your own everytime you’re planning to accompany your child in an indoor playground.

The first thing everyone will notice, even outside the playground is the ballpit and slides area. Their ballpit area is massive and i love it. They have 3 different slides in this area. The first slide located in the left is small slide which i think perfect for children 1 to 3 years old, of course with adult supervision. The second slide is the one in the middle which is i think okay for 3 years old and above. This slide is already high so i think adult supervision for 3 to 6 years old might still be needed. The third slide is the slide on the right side which is for 7 years old and above only. You can tell just by the picture why it’s for older children only because it’s high and steep.

If it weren’t tiring jumping on the trampoline area for an hour, we’d spend most of our time there! It’s our first time to experience jumping on a trampoline and i have to admit it’s so much fun, even for the adults. They have 4 trampolines inside the area and a large pool of foam blocks. At the side of the pool of foam blocks, there’s a wall for rock climbing, isn’t it fun!!??

Beside the trampoline area they have restrooms each for boys and girls. I appreciate this playground so much because not all indoor playgrounds has restrooms inside. They even have a diaper changing area! Before entering the restrooms, they have a rack of slippers that you can use inside the restroom so your socks won’t get wet or dirty.

The pics below are the playground’s right side area. This area is spacious. It contains a mini road for their toy vehicles which is so cute. In between the mini roads, they have tables which contains toys that your little one can play with, like magnetic block pieces that can be put together to build structures, wire bead mazes, puzzles and others.


I love the mini stores they put up like the mini beauty salon, supermarket and the fire station. My daughter had fun going through them one by one and see what each of the stores has for her. I think what my daughter liked so much is the supermarket. It’s so cute inside and it has a mini cashier too! Well, look at my very cute cashier over there! She’d probably give me a discount for her cuteness!

Let me also note that there is a cafe outside the playground right infront of their entrance that’s called KinderCafe which is i think related to the playground. When your time is up, I’m sure your little one is hungry or tired, you can order food from there. They have kid friendly snacks!

Overall, we are very happy with this playground. Will we go back? Definitely YES! The place is very big, it is also near our place and very accessible. What i liked most of this playground is the trampoline area because you get to experience the fun too as it’s not restricted to kids only.

I have to admit that their fee of P300 is higher than most playgrounds we have tried in the metro which costs around P199 to P280 only per hour. But hey! We no longer need to go to the metro just to experience a playground like this!

Just for reference, here are some other pics from the playground taken by me! Click on each photo to zoom in!

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